Electric Underfloor Heating Information And Advice

Electric underfloor heating is an economical and highly practical means of heating your home; the luxury of warmth from floor surfaces which we expect to be cold really is something special and with the heat source being hidden, with the exception of the programmable digital thermostat, is totally unobtrusive.

Electric underfloor heating is cheaper to install than a warm water pipe systems and will provide levels of control that are generaly not practical with the plumbed systems, this makes it the ideal choice for most domestic renovations.

Electric underfloor heating and tile warming systems can be used with ceramic tile, stone, slate, hard wood and  laminate floors. Underfloor heating systems are great for conservatories, kitchens, loft conversions, extensions, playrooms, bathrooms, annex's, offices, and even garages.

Luxurious ambient warmth

Luxurious ambient warmth

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